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Our tool and die design handbooks are crafted to show readers the method of creating high speed stamping tools in a self-explanatory manner. The tool and die handbook will disclose the secrets of miniature and high precision sheet metal stamping in the metal stamping trade.

tool die design The precision metal stamping tool and die design handbook is created with the ease of understanding of readers in mind, consisting of mostly diagrams and simple, comprehensive illustrations. The tool and die design handbook encompasses the methods professional toolmakers arrange the strip layout, deep draw sequences, forming sequences and the intricate techniques in toolmaking. Appreciate how professionals overcome the metal spring back and how they achieve the tight tolerances in stamping ferrous and non-ferrous materials with the tool and die design book. Our tool die design book will indefinitely make it simple for tool die makers.
All the techniques illustrated in the technical reference handbooks are proven and actual designs of toolmakers. No lengthy theory, all in self-explanatory diagrams.


signal pin

signal contact with board lock eyelet.
E-book of 17 pages covering the technique of tiny eyelet piercing and complex multi- forming processes. Attached Photo of actual progression strip. Basic technique in precision metal stamping.
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female socket
Fine pitch Female socket.
Total 19 pages tool die e-book touching on the small tap gap forming and boxing technique. 1 row 2 out tool. Attached with photograph of actual progression. -
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sca header
SCA Header pin
Total 16 pages with photograph of actual progression. Covering the technique of the complex forming. 1 row 2 out tool -
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fine pitch socket
Fine pitch female socket
Total 19 pages covering the tiny tap gap forming and the technique of getting the lead CO-planarity correctly. Only handbook available for tool die maker in the market !
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power terminal
Power terminal contact
Made of Beryllium copper, temper 04, thickness 0.2 mm, 1 row 1 out tool.
E-book total in 19 pages covering the complicated multiple forming and show you how to achieve it co-planerity and tight tolerances.
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bandolier die
Bandolier Pin assembly tool
E-book of 26 pages covering the technique of how to feed material from "Y" axis in progressive tool and star mark coining on square pin. How the retention force being Controlled and adjusted.. A " must have " technical book for high speed precision metal stamping tool maker. - Free Download
All the techniques illustrated
in the technical reference handbooks are proven and actual designs of toolmakers. No lengthy theory, all in self-explanatory diagrams. Click to download.


jigs fixture
Jjg and fixture design hand book
Jigs and fixture design handbook is specially designed for mechanical designers, and manufacturing engineers, present ideas for inexperienced and experienced designers to study. -


Distributor Terminal
Tool design book on rolling technnique in progressive tool.
Material = Stainless steel
Running speed = 500 spm


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Tool design Book
Strip Layout
Jigs fixture
Tolerances & fits
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Surface Texture

Specific density
Periodic Table of elements
Tool die design Carbide cooperation and application
Tool steel standard and heat treatment
Heat treating of steel
Alu comparison table
Tool steel equivalent table
GT&T Basic Geometric Tolerancing

Tool die design formula
Progression Layout
Deep drawing process
Method of Slug retention
Tool Die Design Basic
Surface Roughness