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Jig and fixture design book is a collection of ideas and concepts in jig fixture design through years of practical experience, especially in clamping devices, metal fixtures, drilling jigs, milling fixtures, inspection fixture etc.

"Jig and fixture design book " is specially designed for mechanical designers, machinists, and manufacturing engineers.

A comprehensive introduction to the principles and concepts involved in jigs and fixtures design, beginning with basic clamping devices design follows by Pneumatic jigs and fixtures, clamping devices design and many commercially available fixtures are applied as examples.

This book presenting the ideas for inexperienced and experienced designers to study. You'll find yourself turning to the handy reference book and manual on a regular basis.


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Jigs fixture design book

Jig and fixture design book illustrates design ideas in simple 2D diagrams. No lengthy theory, all in self explained 2D diagrams, easy to understand. It is one of the best jig fixture design book in the market.

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jig fixture
jig and fixture
Example on 3 axis CNC Milling Fixture
Example on External pull Down clamp


Contents of jig fixture design book

Introduction to External Clamping design
12 difference designs available

Introduction to External Clamping design
19 difference designs available

Introduction to Internal clamps
7 difference designs available


Internal Pull Down clamps
5 difference designs available

External Lever Clamps
18 difference designs available

External Two Directional Clamps
8 difference designs available

Practical example with photograph
· Milling fixture with pneumatic diagram
· Inspection fixture for stamped spring
· CMM Inspection fixture


Jig and fixture design book is a collection of jig fixture design ideas and concepts through years of design experiences in clamping devices, fixtures, drilling jigs, metal fixture, inspection fixture.