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Aluminium ( Alu ) has very unique mechnical properties compare to other alloys. Aluminium is Low in weight, high in mechanical strength, superior malleability, easy machining, excellent corrosion resistance, good thermal and electrical conductivity. Its unique characteristic makes Aluminium the second most widely used metal in the world besides iron.


Aluminum comparison table

International standard
USA Spec.
DIN 1700
1050A Al99,5 1S A-5 Al99,5 3.0255 1B P-AlP99,5
1070A Al99,7 99.70 A-7 Al99,7 3.0275 P-AlP99,7
1080A Al99,8 99.80 A-8 Al99,8 2.0285 1A P-Al99,8
99.99 A-99 Al99,98 R 3.0385 1
1200 Al99 2S A-4 Al99 3.0205 1C P-AlP99,0
2007 A-U4Pb AlCuMgPb 3.1645
2011 Al-Cu6BiPb 28S A-U5PbBi AlCuBiPb 3.1655 FC1 P-AlCu5,5PbBi
2014 Al-Cu4SiMg A-U4SG AlCuSiMn 3.1255 H15 P-AlCu4,4SiMnMg
2017A Al-Cu4Mg 17S A-U4G AlCu2,5Mg0,5 3.1325 H14 P-AlCu4MgMn A2017
2024 Al-Cu4Mg1 24S A-U4G1 AlCuMg2 3.1355 2L97/98 P-AlCu4,5MgMn
2117 Al-Cu2Mg 16S A-U2G AlCu2,5Mg0,5 3.1305 2L69 P-AlCu2,5MgSi
3003 Al-Mn1Cu D3S A-M1 AlMnCu 3.0517 P-AlMn1,2Cu
3004 4S; D4S A-M1G AlMn1Mg1 3.0526 P-AlMn1,2Mg
3005 A-MG0,5 AlMn1Mg0,5 3.0525
3103 Al-Mn1 3S AlMn1 3.0515 N3 P-AlMn1,2
3105 4S; D4S AlMn0,5Mg0,5 3.0505 N31
5005A Al-Mg1 B57S A-G0,6 AlMg1 3.3315 N41 P-AlMg0,9
5049 B4S A-G2,5MC AlMg2Mn0,8 3.3527
5050B Al-Mg1,5 A57S A-G1,5 AlMg1,5 3.3316 P-AlMg1,5
5052 Al-Mg2,5 57S AlMg2,5 3.3523 P-AlMg2,5 A5052
5056A Al-Mg5 56S; A56S AlMg5 3.3355 N6 P-AlMg5 A5056
5082 Al-Mg4 AlMg4,5 3.3345 P-AlMg4,4
5083 Al-Mg4,5Mn D54S A-G4,5MC AlMg4,5Mn 3.3547 N8 P-AlMg4,5
5086 B54S A-G4MC AlMg4Mn 3.3545 (N5/6) P-AlMg4,4
5251 Al-Mg2 M57S A-G2M AlMg2Mn0,3 3.3525 N4 P-AlMg2Mn
5454 Al-Mg3Mn B53S A-G3MC AlMg2,7Mn 3.3537 N51 P-AlMg2,7Mn
5754 Al-Mg3 53S A-G3M AlMg3 3.3535 (P-AlMg3,5)
6005A A-SG0,5 AlMgSi0,7 3.3210 H10
6012 A-SGPb AlMgSiPb 3.0615 P-AlSiMgMn
6060 Al-MgSi 50S A-GS AlMgSi0,5 3.3206 H9 P-AlMgSi
6061 Al-Mg1SiCu 65S; CS5S AlMg1SiCu 3.3211 H20 P-AlMg1SiCu
6082 Al-Si1Mg B51S A-SGM0,7 AlMgSi1 3.2315 H30 P-AlMgSi
7020 D74S A-Z5G AlZn4,5Mg1 3.4345
7022 79S A-Z4GU AlZnMgCu0,5 3.4345
7075 Al-Zn6MgCu 75S A-Z5GU AlZnMgCu1,5 3.4365 2L95/96 P-AlZn5,8MgCu A7075

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